Featured Artist : Mario le Grange


Mario Le Grange is a 22 year old self taught artist from Three Rivers in Gauteng.

He started showing artistic talent when he started drawing all his action figures he owned as a child. 

In High School he developed a great interest in anatomy, mainly due to the art of Frank Cho. 

It became an incredibly powerful tool for him, because creating something that is anatomically and dimensionally correct, is just as important as simply for instance just duplicating a reference photo.

By early 2019 the artwork of Tim and Greg Hildebrand became a massive incentive towards becoming a  better artist, proving that he could teach himself to paint in oils, something that other people (himself included) doubted. 

His artwork now consists of strong lighting and highly saturated colors.  At this stage his preferred subjects are people and portraits, but that being said, the use of oils has opened new doors in exploring other subjects, animals, flowers, etc.  etc.

Pen Sketches,  caricatures, cartoons, designing and digital art are also a big part of his art, as he can explore all mediums and excel therein, mastering it. 

Art is, and always will be his greatest passion, he lives for it completely.  A big part of his love of the art he creates is making people happy by presenting them with a one of a kind piece of original art.

The most important thing I want people to see in my artwork is the progress I can keep on making and becoming a better artist still – Always Learning More ”

~ Mario Le Grange

For Videos of paintings done  please follow the Facebook Link below


Below Photo Examples of his work:  

Latest Commission work (still on the easel )   “Astronaut”  in Oils

 “Sunflower”  Oils on Canvass

“When it cuts, it cuts hard”  Oils on Canvas

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